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If you are not already qualified then your diving education will start as an Ocean Diver Student.

The Ocean Diver course comprises:-

A basic swimming assessment (200m swim to assess your level of comfort in the water)
7 Classroom Lessons
A Theory Assessment
At least 5 Confined water lessons (pool training)
At least 5 Open water lessons (sea training)

This represents the minimum number of lessons required but some students will require more.

Our training is as thorough as any commercially delivered programme and our pay as you go system reduces your initial costs significantly.

So, what is expected of me?

Each year the club generates a training calendar this will identify dates for your various lecture, pool and open water sessions. Ensure you attend these as, depending on other training commitments, it may be some time before the lecture or session can be re-run.


So why train with us?


As a Community Amatuer Sports Club (CASC) staffed and run entirely by unpaid volunteers we do not have the same commercial pressures that a professional organisation may experience. This allows us to run all our courses at a pace suited to the individuals being trained rather than being herded like sheep.

With the support structure, guidance and high standards of BSAC (the sport's national governing body) we are in a position to provide extremely high quality training.

All this within a friendly, inclusive and welcoming environment.

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